How to get a Google Account that has been hacked or compromised

Get a Google Account that has been hacked, or compromised

You might notice unusual activity in your Google Account, Gmail, and other Google products. It is possible that someone else is using it without you knowing. If you suspect your Google Account, Gmail, or other Google products have been hacked, please follow these steps to identify suspicious activity, return to your account, and make it safer.

Step 1: Sign in with your Google Account

Skip to Step 2 if you wish to secure this account. To secure a different account, sign in.

If you can't sign in

Go to the account retrieval page. Answer the questions as best as you can. These Tips can help.

You can use the account recovery page to:

  • Someone altered your account information such as your password and recovery phone number.
  • Someone deleted your account.
  • You cannot sign in for any other reason.

Tip To be sure that you're attempting to sign in to a correct account , try to recover your username.

Step 2: Review your activity and help secure you hacked Google Account

Examine your account activity


Examine which devices you use to access your account


Step 3: Take additional security measures

Two-Step Verification is enabled


Contact your bank or the local authorities


Removing harmful software


Securer browsers are recommended


Password Alert can help you avoid password theft


Protect your apps and devices


Protect other Google products you are using


Check out your Google Account to see if it has been hacked

You might notice any of these signs if someone is using your Google Account.

Important: You must immediately change your password if you believe someone else is logged in to your Google Account.

  • If it wasn't changed already, your Google Account
  • Apps and websites:
    • You should use the same password as for your Google Account
    • This will be done through your Google Account email.
    • Sign in to your Google Account with your email address
    • Where are the passwords that you have saved in your Google Account

You can then inspect and unregistered devices in your account.

Suspicious account activity

Unfamiliar security settings are vulnerable to unexpected changes


Unauthorized financial activities


Notifications about unusual activity


Google products: Suspicionable activity





Google Drive


Google Photos




Google Ads


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