How to Delete Books From Kindle App?
by Akcent Aug 16, 2018
How to Delete Books From Kindle App?

How to Delete Books From the Kindle App?

Kindle app is providing a range of options to the readers and it can said as the virtual library which is providing you a collection of different types of books. It is a straightforward process deleting or removing books from the Kindle app. Most of the times people want to delete a book from the device, but keeping the book in the Kindle iCloud as they purchased it. There are multiple ways to remove or delete Kindle books and this article will provide necessary steps for the removal of books from the Kindle device.

Delete Books From Kindle App in iPhone

Here are the steps to delete books from Kindle app in iPhone –

  • Login to the online content library on the Amazon website. Access the content and device page by visiting the Amazon login page and the user need to log-in into the account for accessing the page.
  • Search for the tab called ‘Your Content’. To see the list of items in the library, simply click ‘Your Content’.
  • Get the option of ‘Select’ with empty boxes to the left of the screen. Each row will be having a box that can be checked for the selection of box.
  • Now the user can see a button labeled ‘Deliver’ at the top, left side of the page and there will be another orange button labeled ‘Delete’. Delete the selected items clicking on the ‘Delete’ button.
  • User now need to confirm that they need to select the items. Click ‘Yes, delete permanently’ and it is necessary to click the button for the deletion of items from the library.
  • Sync your device for removing the books that were deleted form the Kindle library. For syncing open the Kindle application tapping on the Kindle icon. Now, tap on the three dots on the upper right hand side. Tap the option ‘Sync & Check for Items’ and the books will be removed.

Delete Books From Kindle App on Android

Here are the steps to delete books from Kindle app on Android –

  • The app has a 5-directional controller and it is recommended to use the button in the next step for deletion of the book.
  • Get or find the book for delete.
  • From the Home screen select the book’s name on the Kindle library and then press the left toggle on the 5-way controller.
  • Select the option ‘Remove from Device’ and then press center of the 5-way controller.

Not able to delete books from the Kindle app? Contact the Kindle technical experts who will provide the necessary assistance. These expert professionals will provide instant solutions for any Kindle app related problem.