What To Do if Gmail is Not Syncing?
by Emily Cooper Oct 09, 2019

What To Do if Gmail is Not Syncing?

Google Mail is the most vital service of Google. Despite all the social network, users use mails as the means of communication. Therefore, it is treated as a part of the phone today until you face some problem. Syncing issue is the most common issue that can be caused because of Gmail.

What should be the result if Gmail would not sync?

If Gmail is not syncing the mobile app with your Google account, then you may not be able to perform the basic email functions. You will not be able to open and read your emails and you can neither send or receive the emails. It can also cause the apps to run slowly. If you want to get things working, you need to re-sync your Gmail account. So, check out the solutions if your Gmail is not syncing to resolve the issue.

The steps that can be taken are:

* Update Gmail App:

It may not necessarily be the solution to the problem but keeping Gmail updated helps in working flawlessly. There might be some interference that can be resolved by updating, so go on Play store and update the app.

* Clear the app’s data:

  1. Clearing the app cache might be helpful for this problem. Let us have a look at how you can do this:
  2. Go to the settings and then to Apps and Application Manager. In case, you are not able to find this, you can search for installed apps in the search bar.
  3. Then, you have to locate Gmail in the Apps Manager. You can choose “Show all Apps or Show system services from additional settings.
  4. Click on Gmail and clear the caches. If it does not resolve the issue, repeat the same procedure but this time, click on “Clear data.”

Check your settings:

The most likely that causes troubles are Data Saver and Airplane mode.

1. Turn off the airplane mode:

It restricts the level of communication that can be established by your device. So, there will be no calls or internet connection. So, you need to disable the airplane mode and check your Gmail once again.

Check the data saver settings:

If you have the feature of data saver, then your performance of every app will be limited when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. You can whitelist Gmail in data Saver or receive new emails when connected to Wi-Fi.

You can whitelist Gmail if your Gmail is not loading but you have to make sure that you do not open media-heavy emails.

Here’s how you can whitelist Gmail in Data saver:

  1. Go to Settings and click Network and Internet. Then data usage and data saver.
  2. Then you have to tap unrestricted data and find Gmail and toggle it on.

These steps can be taken if your Gmail is not working.