Why Is My Internet Connected But Not Working?
by Steeve Mark Feb 15, 2019

Why Is My Internet Connected But Not Working

Here are some simple Steps to resolve the issue of internet connected but not working :

Internet is the worldwide system of computer networks that are interconnected which requires the TCP/IP for linking the devices all over the world. The internet network could be public, private, business, etc. that is linked by wired, wireless or optical networking. It is used to avail the applications of the World Wide Web, email, file sharing, etc.

Internet is among the basic requirements of the technology users. But if in case the internet has stopped working due to any reason, it would be a great problem for internet users. Sometimes, there could be an issue of internet not working even when it is connected. The fixes for this situation are mentioned below:

  • The user can try the basic solution which is restarting the device. In this, the router or modem is switched off and then turned on after a wait of nearly 30 seconds.

  • The lights on the modem should be checked. The internet light on the modem should be working and there should be no unusual flickering in the light. If some issue is there, the Internet Service Provider can be contacted.

  • The issue might be due to the DNS. In this, the DNS is flushed by typing ‘cmd’ in the start menu of windows and enter it. Then type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and DNS cache will be flushed.

  • The user can select the options of obtaining IP and DNS automatically by entering the properties of the network connection.

  • If the router or modem is reset, it might solve the issue. The reset button is there on the router which needs to be pressed.

  • There is another option of resetting the user’s network on the system.

  • The user can call the Internet Service Provider if the issue still persists with the internet connection.

  • There might be a possibility that the issue is coming up due to network drivers. For this, the Windows+R is pressed on the keyboard and then ‘devmgmt.msc’ is entered to open the Device Manager on the computer.

  • The router or modem might be causing the issue. If suitable, it should be changed or replaced with a new one.

  • The user can try using the built-in troubleshooter. It could be found by right-clicking on the network icon in the taskbar.

For any other assistance regarding the internet connecting, either the support department of the Internet Service provider can be contacted or the solution can be searched on the search engine also. The contact info is available on the official website of the ISP of the user.

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